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I get really irritated with girls I was talking to my friend (who's 19) and we went to Mc.donalds she was like "This girls that works here I beat her ass in 7th grade and now I'm doing better than she is." That was a load of BS. But it's like your an adult now you need to get over it. Or when girls say "yeah I dated him when I was in 3rd grade" We're in fucking high school no one gives a fuck about when you were in 3rd grade wearing pig tails you dumb fuck. I really hate it. Or when girls have a relationship with older men and say "if he doesn't call me back I'm gonna report him for rape." RAPE ISNT CONSENTUAL SEX! You said yes to it you enjoyed it you wanted and not to be racist but it's really only ever white girls! I'm sorry but that's just so awful of people to do that!

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  • OK, first of all it isn't only "white girls" it is just girls in general. Don't stereotype because if you lived so one where else you would find it the complete opposite way. You only know what is in your neighborhood. The more you talk about different races like that the more race is an issue. Second, adult men having sex with teenage girls is rape, whether of not the girl consents. It is rape. You don't get it because of lack of experience and how young you are. Look, teenagers are stupid. They don't make smart decisions. Adults are legally obligated to make smart decisions. Adults are able to because their brains are more developed and they are should have more life experiences. It shows how immature they are if they say those things. It proves the point even further that teenagers are incapable of consenting to sex with older men. The law is the law for a reason! Don't be an ignorant fool!!! Most girl's think it is cool to have sex and that's why they do it. Grown men know that and take advantage of them. Men know how to take advantage. Let me say this again to clarify. Grown men take advantage of teenage girls because teenage girls don't know any better-- so it is rape. It isn't funny. It is a serious issue. The way you react to this issue is just as immature and gullible as those girls are about the issue. You Kay think you are better than these girls, at least from the sounds of it. But you aren't? You don't sound any more grown up than they are. You are still a little girls with pony tails. They are still little girls with pony tails. Still immature, dramna driven little divas. If you want to grow up then start taking serious social issues seriously. Growing up means realizing everything isn't black and white. Pun intended. Growing up means not buying into the drama of immature divas. Growing up means realizing your mistrakes, someone's mistakes, and how everyone in this works makes mistakes. And sometimes mistakes have legal consequences. Brat.

  • You can tell these people that there is a lot of life left to live and while things might be on the upswing for them now, things can change very fast. As for the older men/rape thing, be sure to let these girls who are saying that know that going to court over something like that is not a fun experience and that if they are ever exposed for lying like that they can go to jail or be sued for millions in damages so they better think twice even if they just threaten the guy or blackmail him.

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