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My girlfriend got pregnant. However, wasn't my fault. She was on birth control, but one day she forgot to take it because she got drunk and high. That night she basically begged me for sex. She thought that it only takes one missed dose to become pregnant so she completely quit taking it. She did all of this and neglected to tell me for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!! Now her belly is getting bigger and both her family and mine blames us equally for her pregnancy. I just want to give the unwanted child up for adoption and leave her forever, never see her face again.

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  • Dude, what has happened has happened...There is nothing that you can do to stop this. Be there for the kid that didn't ask to be born in a fucked up situation. You don't have to stay with your girlfriend but you have to be there and be a dad to YOUR child. Stop being a whiny bitch and do your job.

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