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Last night my sister's band had a gig and i was talking with some girls there and i dont know why but one girl randomly brought up a story about one time when she was prank calling people. She said something about an old woman believing what she made up (something about her grandkid not doing her homework or something.) She said the surname of the persons' who she started to call from the phone book and coincidentally it was the same as my grandparents' surname. I just curiously asked that did she tell her grandkid's name and she said yes. And i asked if it was Evelin(my cousin). So it turned out to be my grandma (who has passed away a month ago) so i told her that its not funny because she was really sick and I got my stuff and left the place after that. (It might be possible that it wasn't actually my grandma, but i was a bit drunk and when i recollected my memories of her my emotions took over and I acted unthoughfully.) My grandma had parkinson's disease which slowly turned off her brain basically. She hallucinated from the drugs that she needed to take and didn't know what she was doing and saying.) I don't want to remember her like that, and i won't! Before her illness she took care of me, took me to kindergarden every day. But after it happened, she wasn't the same person. She was a wonderful, happy and caring person. I will remember you the way you really were, not what you became. I'm sorry grandma. :'(

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  • my grandma suffered from the diabetes, we went through all this stuff, constant hospitals and then losing her leg and being bed bound, she lost her speech and her muscles started to cramp and stay tight it was terrible and she just became so I'll and tiny, she brought me up and took care of all her grandkids, I understand, your in my thoughts, 2 months since she's been gone.

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