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I can't handle being behind on my bills. I can't bring myself to my wife about the twenty tthousand dollars I owe I back sales tax payments, fifty thousand dollar mortgage on the house, and twenty thousand second mortgage. I'm selfemployed and I lost two months income hospitalized for depression. I take seven antidepressants, blood pressure meds, and pills so I can sleep at night. I wish I could just go back to when my wife thought I was shagging my secretery.

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  • I see. It is extremely hard to explain the pain you are in if you don't have a cast on a body part. The guy speaks the truth. You don't have many options in your condition. You could declare bankruptcy. That being you're very last option obviously. The housing market is going back up. Not sure when you bought it, I really hope it wasn't before the market crashed. But like I said you could always sell the house and get a small apartment. It is probably better to get a ground apartment. It doesn't have to be big. Just you and your wife. You don't seem to be too dense yet, Old Man. You don't have to be that creative to write a book or start a blog. Get some money going that way. Better than absolutely nothing. You just got figure out a plot. Figure out your characters' personality. You can pull these things from your life experiences. I'm sure you've met some real nutjobs! Or some nice people. Write 500 words a day and you'll get a book not too long after. The hard part would be promoting it. But like I said you don't seem too stupid yet. In the mean time try to keep healthy. Smile every day. That is the cure. I don't care, for most people, that is what they need, not pills. I think you should be honest with your wife but avoid arguing with her of course. I would pay the taxes first and just keep minimal payments on the mortgage for awhile. I'm not sure about your wife is doing or how much she is making but you should at least talk about how you can get out of debt. Because you pay this stuff off you can live fine. So the sooner the better. Just don't ruin your health. I know, it is hard to do when you got this much to owe. Like I said writing is an option. You could babysit for a family or two once in awhile. There is a bunch of small things you can do. You just have to think a little. Think small. Something you or your wife can do to earn a little cash. My grandma likes to go on the internet and make crafts. You could make some crafts and sell it on eBay or Amazon or whatever. Open a p-interest to promote it. Perhaps your wife would like it. When I say my grandma does it, she only thinks of the idea and my grandpa ends up actually doing it. There are small things. Hopefully it'll work out as long as you put in the effort. Yes, it is a lot of effort. But in two years when you are 62, you will be glad you did all of these small crazy things. Like I said, you can't just feel sorry for yourself because the debt only increases. You are disabled but you have options. Don't lose hope. I'm sure you can still pay this stuff off! This isn't worth losing sleep over. Take a deep breath. I'm sure you had to take a deep breath when your wife thought you with your secretary. Same thing here. Just chill. Money is money. You got a wife still! You should be able to sleep find knowing your wife is next to you! Geez al-mighty. That is really something you're depressed over fake money. Sure, your health isn't great but you're alive. Alive and breathing. To make you feel any better I have been in pain for 8 years, my left side of my body but especially my left leg. I am still quite young so I got quite a lot of years to be in constant pain. There is absolutely nothing doctors can do to help. And you would not really think just by looking at me I'd be in this much pain, every day, constantly. At first it was horrible! I kepot thinking, in 8 years I'd still be in pain. It has been 8 years and I am still in pain but, now, I just say so what? I move on. Got to move on. I am alive and breathing, not dead. You're alive too.

  • Look, you will need to take up a couple of jobs. Sell the house. Rent a small apartment for a bit. Rebuild your credit. The only way you can do this if you can get out if your slumber. If you can't sell your house then rent it out. Work at mcdonalds, Walmart, a restaurant, just get a job. You could even be a bartender or a nurse. Just do it for two years? Your debt will only increase if you keep going the way you are. Doing have any children in the mean time!!! Don't buy expensive gifts, nor even for Christmas. Don't smoke. Don't drink. Be an honorable man and stand up and start working. Work 3 part time jobs if you have to. You don't need any of these pills but maybe the blood pressure pills. Look, the more you feel sorry for yourself the longer you'll stay stuck. Good luck.

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