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I'm obstetrician (I'm specialized in childbirth), few month ago, the wife of a friend came to give birth to their child, and in 2013, the wife slept with someone else, because I know that my friend had a hard life, giving up is wife wasn't the solution and when she begged for his pardon, he gave it. When i heard about her pregnancy, I was worried about the fact that the father of the child was not my friend ...... without advertising them, I did some DNA test do check that, with some help, I was able to get the DNA from the child, my friend and even the other man (who I know by the way, and he was worried too about the child), today, I got the result and I don't know how to react because nether my friend nor the other man, the best thing i can do is keeping that secret and burning the result but I'm filled with hate about her now

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  • you deserve to lose your license over this.

  • None of your business

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