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i think girls that go to gay bars are much more interesting than those regular bitches from sleazy clubs,but the last time i went to a gay bar the dudes had no respect,there was this nigga literally stalking me,i told him 2 times that i was straight and he kept saying that he would ''change my mind'',until he cornered me in a wall and grabbed my junk,i punched his face and broke his nose,for people that ask so much for respect towards their sexuality,most of them act like huge hypocrites

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  • One person does that to you and you say "most of them act like hypocrites?" It's time for you to look up the definition of "most."

  • Maybe you shouldn't judge a whole group of people due to the actions of one idividual. You say you wouldn't do that to a girl and therefor it isn't true that women experiance that behaviour from guys, but when it comes to gays everyone should be the same?!

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