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(This is just something that I wanted to tell my 'friends and family' for a long time. I'd turn around if I were you...) For once. I just wish someone would save me. Instead of the other way around..... I'm just tired of everyone needing my help that no one appreciates. It's not like I stopped you from committing suicide or anything. You weren't going to get run over. You didn't have a chance of getting OD from crack. It's not like I saved you people from dying or anything. Like, multiple times. IT'S NOT LIKE I ALREADY LOST PEOPLE WHO WERE IMPORTANT TO ME. Keep doing the same mistake, over and over. Don't listen to my advise and just blur it out. 'Cause I'm done. I'm tired from just trying figure myself out. I can't figure out your lot's problems for you forever.

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  • well that didnt make sense... This was my fault for a long day at a later, I think it was not able the best. If I could get to see the light, the more the same shit

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