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I am a shy guy(straight, 18). i have never had any girlfriend. I'm not that socially active. The thing is that, before talking to any person especially girls, i plan my conversation thinking that I will speak without any problems. But when I am in front of them, and try to talk to them I have no idea what happens, I forget what I have to speak, I act like an idiot. i stammer.I dont' want them to make my girlfreind but as a friend .Can anyone say why this happens?

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  • Takes a lot of practice to get over this. Just got to practice.

  • you're nervous,this only go away after you speak with a lot of people,or in your situation girls especiallyl,and you see that it won't go as bad as you imagine in your head,the fear will go away. also smoking weed was a big part of me overcoming my overthinking brain,but i don't wanna get you into bad habits,proceed with this information as you wish.

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