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i was at a club with a girl once,we got naughty so we went to the girls bathroom and she started giving head,it was awesome,then she asked me to cum on her face,after that she started kissing me,and i was kinda grossed out because there was cum everywhere,but she said ''what you're all grossed out about? this is yours!'' i was drunk and high so that seemed like a reasonable argument,so we just made out a lot because she had to go home (her dad was calling and she talked to him rubbing my dick in her face,that was so hot) after she went i started realizing what i had done. ew. but to be honest i didn't really cared much. the flavour was kinda sweet,maybe that's why she liked it. i wouldn't do it again doe.

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  • That's actually a huge turn on when a girl does that with me

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