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My boyfriend didn't get me a gift for Christmas this year. Plus today is our two year anniversary and he didn't plan anything. I made sure i got his and his family gifts ahead of time. He got his family friend a 200$ gift I didn't get shit. I feel really stupid but I'm really pissed.

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  • It wouldnt be worse if he treat you bad? Or ignore you?

  • We talked it over. Turns out he didn't even by that family friend the gift. His mom did. His mom wanted him to have the glory so that he looked like a great "uncle." Turns out he has broke for a couple of months due to his car payments and short comings at work. He didn't want to to tell me because he didn't want me to feel bad for him. Good thing I brought up how I felt. I wouldn't have ever guessed. I told him he shouldn't feel like he can't tell me these things and that we are a team. He apologized and I forgave him. We spent Christmas morning together with his family. His mom got me a crap load of gifts for Christmas that he helped pick out lol It turned out that this confession ended being a happy ending. Merry xmas.

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