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I can deal with being alone on Christmas, I chosen to stay single, im done dating and getting to know someone just to ha e them leave then you have to start all over again. I'm happy just being single. The only guy I want doesn't want a relationship so that's it. I dont care that people say its stupid to give up, but I am truly done with the dating life. If I can't have him right now then thats fine, i'll stay single. Some people out their crave to be with someone and holidays can make you feel worse but I really am fine on my own. At least I still have him as a friend and if we are only going to be friends for the rest of my life, then i'm fine with that. There's more important things I need to get done and focus on then dating multiple people, I already found true love and true happiness, dont need to keep searching when I already found it with him. I know it looks like I was friend zone, but im happy with just being his friend. I cant make him do something he doesn't want to do and I cant change who his heart loves. These things happen, you love someone but they might love someone else, just appericate what you have at least and just hope for the best but understand the reality and accept it. Just be happy with yourself and who you have. This is my choice and as stupid as it may seem to some, its how I honestly feel, if we cant be an us again, I dont want anyone else.

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  • its not stupid at all. I wish more people were as smart as you :)

  • OK. You're fine. OK.

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