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In my country after 6th grade we go to something that is called a "Gymnasium" which is basically a school where you learn the stuff you do at your future job, for example, if you want to work as a banker in the future you learn more economics and math than a guy who wants to work as a gardener, as he would learn more botanical stuff, ya 'know. Well, i want to be a construction-machinery operator when i grow up, so ofcourse i choose Build & Construction subcategory Construction Machines, but my father keeps trying to talk me out of it just because a good machinist makes a huge amount of money (Almost 6000 euros/month) i would make more money than him and that frightens him since hes has always been the "Breadmaker" as Peter Griffin from Family Guy calls it, AKA the man who earns the most money and who gets to make the rules. I've always stood up for myself and told him that it's always been my life long dream but he constantly says that he decides what is best for me, and when i ask him what job he wants me to get is either a fast-food worker for say McDonalds or becoming a Janitor, and he says if i continue with my dream he will cut me off, both financially and as his son. Both my olders siblings and my Mother stand by me but i want my Father to do aswell... You wonderfull and wise people of Confesster have helped me before, so now i ask: What should i do?

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  • Be the breadmaker. Make your own rules. Make him follow them.

  • Go for it!!! Follow your dream!!!!

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