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Christmas started great but I had a little fight with my sister and now I have the feeling I'm the asshole who stopped her stupid game because I answered the question with a logic answer and not the following question. My mom works everyday with kids with the aspergersyndrom and doesn't realizes I have it too.

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  • You know that autism is very recognizable? And Aspergers is actually a highly functioning form of it? If you had it, it would have been diagnosed by now, since I guess you're at least in your teens. I didn't judge your confession, because I don't know you, and since I have a very rare illness and been to some (and by "some", I mean a lot) of shitty doctors who didn't realise it and instead told my parents I was just acting like I am in pain, there was no medical reason for it and I just acted like I was ill to skip school. So I know what it's like to be told that nothing's wrong when there clearly is something and people not believing me, and if you actually have Aspergers, I'm sorry for assuming otherwise. But I also can't approve of it, because autism is really, really obvious most of the time, at least when the people are children. If you really DO believe that you have it, though, then go to a doctor - you don't need your parents to hold your hand while doing that, and being diagnosed actually helps, if only to know what's wrong with you.

  • Then you don't. You have hypochondria

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