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it really makes my skin boil when I see all the great things my husband does but for some reason I'm still not happy.I actually think there's something wrong with me. Like I can't control my feelings and I take everything out on him. I love him so much yet I hurt him. I made him cry today and I seriously think that I might really have something wrong with me. It comes to a point that he gets so mad that he actually scares me and today he broke the door off the hinges.

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  • You sound like a bitter person. Maybe walk through a cancer center, see what real problems look like.

  • This relationship is very screwed up... On first glance it seems like you are sabotaging your own relationship. One thing I have to ask though... Your story raises every red flag screaming "manipulator". Are you sure that you really are being unreasonable? Because no matter what you do, breaking a door is NOT something a reasonable man does. If he somehow implies or states that you made him do it, GET AWAY FROM THIS MAN IMMEDIATELY. HE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

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