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People constantly scream how world peace is the best solution for the world/mankind. While forgetting the fact that wars are mother nature's way of bringing change, plus our own human nature would never allow for world peace to exist.

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  • I can relate to your comment and obviously I would not be okay with that and would try to fight it as much as possible, bringing me to the same conclusion, world peace could not exist simply because war and violence is a vicious cycle. Lets not forget that at the end of the day each country or group of people could point out to times when they were victims and I am sure others would find instances in history that portrays the same country or group of people to be the aggressors (ironic isn't it)?

  • Let's see what you would think if you were held in a nazi concentration camp and killed like a rabid dog. You surely wouldn't be thinking: "Well, that's okay. There can't be peace in the world."

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