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Yet another bullshit Christmas. My parents are divorced and my mother got remarried with a guy that has 2 daughters from his previous marriage. His eldest daughter is a pain in the ass. He always praises her like the sun shines out her ass. Every approaching holiday I hear him talking with my mother about how pretty she is, how smart she is, how well she did in school/college and how she works and can completely take care of herself. My mother keeps shoving her in my face like she`s some kind of role model. Well, I wasn`t going to take it anymore. This Christmas, while at the family dinner, I took cat poo out of the tray and put it in her expensive shoes. Cats are unpredictible, right?

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  • Don't be passive aggressive. Call them on the bullshit.

  • That is gross and immature. I hope you get yelled at more and have pushed in your face a second faster than before!

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