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There is one person that I don't trust my Girlfriend with. and thats her ex. because at the beginning of our relationship last year, he surprised her and kissed her. she was then confused on who she wanted to be with. and I will never forget that.

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  • Your relationship is doomed if you think it's OK to hold this over her head.

  • It was only the beginning of your relationship. She was with him for longer than with you, and she must have really loved him for some time, whilst she did not yet love you (although that's just a guess, I personally only fall in love after I have been with a guy for some time). She decided to be with you - and I am very sure she has done so for another few times, as the guy probably did not give up right away. Talk to her about it - I am sure she will confirm what I said. Of course you can't forget that she had doubts about you at first, but it'll make you feel safer and if she knows about your feelings, she'll be able to do something about it and maybe keep her distance from that guy. Just tell her, but try not to be too harsh - don't put it like you blame her for it, just talk about how you feel and only go into detail about the reasons when she asks you. Trust me, girls like it if their boyfriend is honest with them and able to talk about feelings.

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