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"...Restrict an errant mind before it becomes fractious and divided. Can two enemies occupy the same body? No, for the first will direct it one way, and the second another, until they stumble into a ditch. Likewise, two contrary thoughts cannot long abide in a man's mind, or he will become weak-willed and subject to any heresy..." this quote is from a video game called "Dishonored", but it got to me because it is very true for me, I am a baptist christian who is currently being very skeptical about his faith and it is killing me for I have no idea what to believe in;I feel like I will never be as happy as I was before until I figure out what to believe in. This has been going on for a really long time and I am honestly sick of it, I wish I could figure it out now, not later, now.

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  • It sounds like you are questioning your faith. I am sorry to hear you are suffering because of it. You can be a good man, even if you don't share the faith of your family. There are plenty of resources online for people like you, I hope you find your path.

  • Be who you are. Believe in what you believe in instead of what someone tells you to believe in. Read the bible and try to make your own sense of it.

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