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Two years ago, I had to move to London with my father after he and my mom got divorced. My girlfriend didn't want a long distance relationship, so she broke up with me - at least I thought that was the reason. Well, now I'm back in Germany, and I didn't tell anyone about this - I wanted to surprise my friends and, most of all, her. We stayed in contact and talked the whole time. Well, I took my guitar, rang the doorbell and played Breakeven by The Script for her, because she always loved it when I sang for her and I listened to it a lot when we broke up. Then I said: "I'm back now, permanently. Can you give us another chance?" Well ... there comes the entry of my former best friend, only in his boxers, draping his arm around her from behind and saying: "Nope. Probably not. Talk to him and come back to bed, sweetheart." All the time they didn't tell me they were together. I've never felt this stupid and betrayed. I mean, I know I should be happy for them, because the two people I love the most are happy together, but still I feel like digging a really, really deep hole to curl up and die in.

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  • I understand how you must feel. Must be suckish :( I wish you the best of luck!!

  • He's not a real friend and she's not worth the hassle. I'm sorry to sound blunt but it's true. You sound like a serious sweetheart and I'm sure you'll find a girl worth serenading.

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