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The thing i hate about my job the most is the workers they are such back stabbers and whiney bitches. I work for a big store and i work in the deli section. I came down with the flu. Doctor said "dont go to work till the 29th" 7 days to get over the flu. Seems right? Well my coworkers are saying im faking it and expect me to come in sick and help them. Yeah good idea to bring someone with the flu around food. So theyre all upset because ive been out for a week. It annoys the hell outta me. If it happend to them none of us would hear about it. So with that being said i cant fucking wait to go back to work and hear about all these made up scenios of my coworkers still working when they were vomiting and bleeding out their eyes and blah blah and im just a baby. I cant wait to hear about all the made up bullshit thats spread around about me. God i hate my job

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  • Sound to me like you work at a WalMart? Am I right?

  • sounds like a horrible and sad life. why would you live like this?

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