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I think my boyfriend is losing feelings for me. He no longer messages me good morning beautiful, if I want to talk to him I have to start the conversation because he won't. It's as if our relationship doesn't matter anymore to him. I don't want to be one of those Girlfriends who simply continue to bring up drama because they love the drama in their relationship but I can't tell if he still loves me or not. We've only been together for a few months but we had been talking for over year I just don't know what to do anymore.

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  • Sorry sweetheart but that's just relationships, the "honeymoon period" may be over but now that he has you and you have him do you really need a good morning text to know he cares? He can see you more in person and texting doesn't need to be the main part of your relationship, you both need your space. If you really think he isn't messaging you on purpose then don't text him and see how long it takes him to text you, if it really upsets you how long it takes then don't "make a drama" but calmly talk to him and tell him that he seems a bit distant and that you'd like to messaged first once in a while.

  • Then dump him. I know that seems harsh, but if this has manifested just a few months into the relationship, maybe he never figured that things would be the way they are. Normally I would suggest talking with him about your concerns, and sometimes it really is that easy. Depends on what you really want. If you want someone to interact with you and he won't comply, let him know that you're breaking up with him. And find someone else.

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