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My sister is mad that I don't want to see her this holiday season. She left an angry message, saying how I " ....owe her sweet children Christmas presents." but all I can think of is last year, when she drunkenly said how lucky I would be when my sick husband finally dies. Her exact words burn in my head 'You will get so much attention from the family when he is gone." -- I feel bad for her kids, but they are teens. If they wanted more contact, they would call or message me more on-line. They are young folk that don't care too much about their old auntie that their mom taught was nothing bad a 'bad influence' by buying them nerdy stuff and video games throughout childhood. They'll remember me when they grow into young adults, and then I will be happy to see them - far away from their bi*ch mom.

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  • We only have ypur s8de of the story mybe she said stupid stuff but she was drunl really holding grudge for a year instead of talking and getting thi gs thrpugh it is a shame you wont visit family for jolidays. Its ypir sister you know her she knows you, it is so sad to ignore family like that if she truly hated ypu she would not contact you maybe she does ot know how to express herself but it is hurtful when your own sister won t see you for holidays ...clearly dear get over yourself and if my aunt appeared suddenly when I am a well grown up and never showed up at christmas or things like that she may as well screw herself....dearly strager.

  • Glad you`re smart enough not to hold a grudge against the kids for the mistake of their parents. I`ve seen that happen.

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