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Im gay and I have been crushing on my straight best friend for 2 years now, he makes me happy, we have a lot in common and he's a really cool guy.hes gotten me into music that I thought I would never like and I can talk to him about my problems.I do one day hope he understands me better.however, I have been really depressed about all of this, we talk everyday and we hangout at school its really hard keeping these feelings locked up because I cant have him.deep in my heart I know he would make me happy everyday and will love me with all his heart like I do to him..it just makes me very sad because he makes me smile everyday and I love him but my heart cant reach him because hes not into guys.god I wish u were mine

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  • For now he thinks he's straigt. Maybe if you talked to him about being gay, got a boyfriend, or confessed to him, he would give it some thougts.

  • You should go see The Imitation Game. It's just a great movie, you'd love it. Anyway. That really bites, but perhaps you should seek out some other friends.... Or maybe your friend loves you.

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