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About 10 yrs ago i was in a one year programming course. I was 21 at the time. It started fine but a few months in a female colleague had her birthday and brought cake. She was 27 or 28, i don't remember exactly. I didn't congratulated her at all especially with two kisses on each cheek like it's customary in my country because was shy and socially awkward and i hate birthdays and the like. Everyone right away started asking why i didn't do it but one guy specially started saying that i didn't do it because i was in love with her which was not true. It ensued with extreme mocking and over the next months things got ugly fast. She would bend over the table next to with ass towards me, tease me in a very bitchy way in front of everybody... The worst was one time when we had a coffee brake and she asked me if i was afraid of her with all others watching. Being the inexperienced insecure twerp that i was i told her "she was like a dog to me". Not one of my proudest moments. Everyone immediately turned against me but in no time she started doing it again despite being pissed of. She was no saint, all dressed in black all the time, she had a history with drug abuse and really abusive boyfriends. She was mean though, not a victim of society. Imagine if you can Rosie Perez's character in Perdita Durango. She was something like that. After all that the course ended and i was thrilled to never see her again BUT! A few months later i went to a concert and lo and behold she was there. When she came to talk to me i told her to piss of. She was furious and her two friends were telling me that i was stupid because of that. I hated the fuckin bitch! I'm with peace with all that transpired and even talked to her a few years ago to make things right. Not surprisingly she was really oblivious to what happened. We never spoke again. I hope that this story help someone in a similar situation, don't do what i did.

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  • 'She was no saint ... really abusive boyfriends' wtf? Why would that be a mark against her? That's not her fault, the fuck? You were just a massive dick to her.

  • Everyone involved was being assholeish. What's the problem?

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