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A few years ago I had a neighbour right across the street. He was 1 year younger than I was. He was a creepy guy. I used to keep the blinders in my room closed all the time because he would use his binoculars to look through my window. I know this because he confessed it himself, he thought it was amusing. Then, his father had some mysterious success in his business and they basically got very rich almost overnight. 1 year into this wealth and the guy`s accused of raping an under-aged girl, making pornographic materials with said under-aged girl and distribution of pornographic materials. Along with a few other guys. He did 1,5 years in jail and with his daddy`s money, I think he had a very decent stay there. He got out recently, I saw pictures of him on facebook, driving what looked like an extremely expensive Mercedes on Champs Elysee.

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  • Creepy rich guys are still creepy

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