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Soo my boyfriend and I have sex, he gets off the waits a couple of minutes then go at it again. He wants me to get off but I haven't. He thinks it's him but I always tell him women don't always orgasm during sex. Am I wrong??

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  • He needs to find a way to get your out of your own head and into the moment. If you're thinking about other things or worrying about how he's feeling or other things you're going to have more trouble orgasming. Or he just might need some lessons from you to show how you like it better. Show him how you masterbate or what you like when he goes down on you, then after you cum have sex. Usually you'll have an easier time cumming once you've already cum once or twice.

  • i had an ex gf who couldn't reach orgasms,even with masturbation or oral,she started smoking weed and it seems to have a positive effect. i guess there's something to do with being relaxed and not so worried about the sex etc. gets her brain out of the way in a matter of speak.

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