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I strive to be extremely honest, but sometimes I lie about things that I don't even need to. For example, if someone lends me their credit card and asks me to go get something for them, I will always do just that and not take advantage of them. Sometimes, though, if I go to McDonalds and get a big Mac, I'll tell people that I went to Wendy's and got a Baconator. It's weird.

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  • You are a idiot.

  • Hey, buddy, this is not cute. I mean, it might appear cute to some, but it's really not. I had the same thing. I remember that I had just told my friends that I never lied and then I got a call from a relative who asked me to come over because we were in their city for a competition. Their house was far and it was cold as hell. They offered to come pick me up and drop me back, and they didn't even have a car. I said No, i'm busy, can't make it, too booked up right now and stuff, to save them the trouble, and because they only offered it as something nice. But, then I realized that even a white lie was a lie. That was a big one, but psychologically it's a sign of repressed things that will make a person want to lie. It's small right now, but things like these only get worse. Figure out what's causing it, and fix it. Because, it will get worse. Could lead up to depression, social anxiety, more severe lies etc. Don't get pleased about it apparently being 'cute'.

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