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somehow, I got lice. My hair is curly and used to be long. I was trying to grt them that long for years!! My hair is my.. my mark, my trademark!! I'm known as the crazy girl with the bush for hair!! It had to be done, but watching my mon cutting my precious and then holding them on her hand... oh my, she just took all my hair in her palm, like it was just one mop of hair, and just cut them!! it was at least 20cm. And it would be better if the iching had gitten better, but noooo!! I stil want to scratch my head off. it's so aweful! THE most aweful thing! it hurts, t hurts a lot!! I've made huge wounds on my head, but the itch is still there!! goddamn bloody insects!!!! and how the fork did I get them? I haven't encountered with any children. but my little cousin. And, at school, nobody has shown signs. wtf??

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  • Or you could dye your hair.. The same or another color.. Hair dye kills lice very effectively

  • you know there are cheap products that kill them right? you can buy shampoos at any pharmacy. i had lice once as a kid,never had to cut my hair,used the shampoo and they were gone instantly.

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