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Long Distance Relationship: So I basically have been with my sister's ex bf for a year. I get along with him better than my sister and he has reassured that he doesn't see my sister the same way he sees me. He's sweet, kind, funny, very caring and we can talk about almost anything! And I have to admit that this has been my best relationship so far. Anyway, i have received a Abstinence ring from my mom (I agreed with her, not that there was a trust Issue), and I talked to my bf about it and he says that he is abstinent as well, but he was the one who introduced me into phone sex and so i felt like that this was hindering my moral. I talked to him about it and told him that I don't want to lose the trust of my parents so we stopped talking for a couple of weeks in the summer or i think it was months not sure.We start talkng again In Oct/Nov. and he kept askng the same question,"Why did we stop talking." At the end of Nov. after telling him multiple times I told that maybe we shouldn't talk for a while because I need some space/time to figure out what I want in a relationship and for me to focus on my classes. He respected that and told me that he wouldn't call/text me until i call/text him. I really appreciated that and so weeks passed and then I decided to text him and we caught up with eachother and thn he tells me what happened. Apparently, he went to a Christmas party and there was a girl that he was talking to and found out that her bf just broke up with her. He was taking her home and he felt bad so they had sex, and he told me that as soon as the girl said that he wasn't a virgin anymore, he felt numb and he realized what he had done. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but after hearing that we talked about some other things and eventually we have phone sex. And now I feel like I shouldn't be talking to him, but there is such a big temptation between us and we have quite a bit of Chemistry. I want to be with him but I'm not sure on where we stand together. Please, I need some help or advice.

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  • He should not be pressuring you into phone sex, if you feel you are not ready for it. I can't help you with the whole purity thing... Us non-christian adults tend to not care about virginity, and think abstinence is silly. We like our sex safe and guilt-free.

  • Be decisive. Whatever you choose, be stern that decision. It's not fair to you if you keep holding onto him and he does something like this again, and it's not fair to him if he really wants to move past his mistake and you keep him but at arms length.

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