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I just read something on the internet today, It's about the existence of god. I'm a muslim, and after i read it, i wonder whether god is a true divine being or just human mind trying to create something that doesn't exist

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  • Nobody knows whether is a God or not, but if he's there he sure as shit hides himself well. Look at all the suffering animals including humans and their ancestor species had to endure in history. War, famine, disease, natural disasters, the universe appears to be uncaring one. We only have each other for support. Humans have tried to make sense of this, as evidenced by the sheer number of religions that have ever existed. Needless to say I'm not a muslim anymore though I was born into a muslim family.

  • That must be tough. You can be a good person whether you believe in God or not, OP. Good luck finding your path.

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