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I've been with my boyfriend for nearly a year and a half, we've done some kinda kinky stuff (sex in the shower, food in the bedroom, tying each other up) but I haven't yet worked up the courage to ask him to cum on me and I don't know how to go about it.

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  • If he's ever watched porn this won't seem strange to him at all. A couple options: give him a BJ and make him tell you when he's getting close and finish him off with your hand then you don't need to tell him anything you can just show him. Or do like the others mention and whisper in his ear while you're fucking.

  • i'm actually super turned on when a girl let me cum on her. specially on her face. don't talk to him directly,like,in a conversation ''oh i think it would be nice if you cum on me'' just say it during sex,when he's about to cum you whisper ''cum all over me'' in a really dirty way.

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