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My boyfriend wants to get me off but my nervousness makes me stop him. We've had sex many times but he hasn't gotten me off but he wants to. What should I do to calm down, relax, or atleast get off so he doesn't feel insufficient?

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  • Him feeling insufficient is HIS problem, not yours. You not getting off is your problem. You need to be better at communicating, you should not be having sex if you are not comfortable discussing what you like and don't like.

  • it's mostly him that should take it a little slower,you can't be this aggresive towards something like that and expect it to work. women are really complicated and he should know that. if you think the problem is indeed within yourself,and this is bad advice but it works for most girls i know : smoke some of that good weed,high sex is incredible pleasing and i still haven't met the girl who does not cum when high. if you are against the use of marijuana just ignore this,but keep in mind that it is a natural medicine. Peace and good luck.

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