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My dad has always been the more strict and pushy type. But now that my mom left and its just me and him, he's been more aggressive. Whenever I do anything wrong, he punishes me and slaps me. He's been drinking a lot lately and one night he came home and started kissing me, he thought I was my mother. I tried to push him away and told him to stop, but he didn't. He smacked me and started touching me, then taking my clothes off. I was a virgin and I was terrified. He sexually abused me and took advantage of my weakness. Five minutes into it he collapsed on the floor and complained his heart hurt.I I just let him lay there dying, I finally called the ambulance and he is now in the hospital. I'm do scared, but I wanted him to die..I hate him so much. Is that bad?

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  • why did you call an ambulance stupid girl

  • Nope, get the fuck out of there. Get somewhere safe and report him to the police. Dad or not that's abuse and rape.

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