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I no longer cry over you. But sure today I was wondering about you and your new life. I see you're fine and happy with her, I just want to see you sad and see you suffer like you did to me. Why can't you just have a little bit of the pain you made me go through and that it surely changed me, my personality and my hability to trust others. I just want you to have a bad time too

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  • You said you changed, is that so? If you did, I see that this ''change'' made you a worse person than you were before. This is not what you truly wanted, and now you want to see him suffer, but in fact what, makes you different of him? You became like him, wishing others a bad time. Remember that you are not him, so do not become like him, the least you want right now is vengeance which can drive you to do bad things. Time can heal you, but you can help yourself too, helping someone with a small thing or doing some volunteer work, these can set a spark of happiness in your heart and make you forget about the evil thoughts. I hope you can find peace and enjoy happiness, not crave for vengeance.

  • Ahhhh so nice of you *.*

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