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3 days ago i was wisiting my gf place, we're almost 4 years together. So the thing was, she was like tell me something- i was talking with her, because i wanted, she to know my toughts about work and how i feel, but she was chatin with this guy on messanger (facebook). She didnt heard me, wasnt even interested, usualy i never cry, but i drop some tears, when i went to bed, she didnt saw that. the attitude has changeg lately, she's more aggressive, and we fight more offten about little problems wich becomes big one while we fight. dont know what is up with her.

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  • May be you need to tell her about this. If she can't accept it and gets mad without having time to think about your confession, then there's somethung wrong with her..

  • Sack up man! Dump the slut.

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