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it's bad, really bad. I used to care about many things; science, politics, the freaking world. I only think about him, nothing and no one else. I can't even study my favourite lessons! I can't do anything without thinking about him. I see his face everywhere, I hear his name all the time. Now, I hadn't seen him in a couple weeks, and I thought I was over him, but then my friend's cousin -on whom I used to have a huuuge crush- pays us a visit and I didn't even think he's handsome, allthough he is my type!! And his name is the same as my crushe's and I couldn't stop thinking about my crush. I've fallen for a guy who's faaar away from my type and I know we're never gonna be together, but I can't help it!! I think I love him. I don't want to. I just want to go back to my old self, who didn't like stupid romantic dramatic movies and pop songs, who was able to watch a freaking interview, form an opinion and discuss about it with her friends!! I can't even talk without looking like an idiot! Let alone when he's in the same room

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  • Don't use thw word love so freely li'l one. Love is something that can only come to exist if you know someone well.

  • oh yeah,so bad,that's the worst possible thing that could ever happen,and that will ever happen troughout all of human history.

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