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i met some girls that call themselves ''shippers'' or something like that,they dedicate their lives to something that doesn't really exist,like made up relationships from tv,games,movies etc... i know this girl who dedicates at least 7 hours everyday to post news and stupid shit about Miley Cirus and shit like that... i mean i'm cool with it because she's not hurting anyone,she's free to do that,but i just don't wanna talk to her,i find her extremely shallow and close-minded. that's just too vain. i hope i never have to see her again,trying to shove miley cirus down everybody's brain when we are on the coffe brake at class.

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  • Thanks to the unfollow button on fb :) I don't see anymore of their shit.

  • Better or worse than spending seven hours a day playing Call of Duty???

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