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my sister. she somehow convinced my mother to buy a pug,basically because a pug is ''internet cool'' so she can take pictures of it to get likes on tumblr and insta. i want to adopt a stray dog,i do a lot of walking and hiking,and i also had an accident a while back so physiotherapy is about to start,and a strong,multi cross breed dog would be a good companion,they are grateful and strong,because the 1000 dollars pug can't even go all the way to the gate without passing out because he can't breathe. i hope i can convince my mom that there are dogs suffering out on the street and no one need to pump money into some rich pug seller because dogs are not fashion objects,they are loyal companions

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  • Dogs are work tools. Unless you live on a ranch you don't need one

  • Noticed comment below: if you don't share common interests then don't get married. Find these things out before proposing!!! Anyways, if your pug is out of breath by the time he makes to the gate he has a serious health condition. Third, why not have two dogs? One for your sister and one for you? It is rude they Didnt consider you in their decision for a dog.

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