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I wonder what its like to have a father. I cant actually imagine it. Must be great to have someone who would protect you no matter what, especially if you are a girl. I dont think people would mess with a girl whose father was around.

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  • Fathers can be great. My friends have awesome fathers. But it's not always only great, my father beat me up untill I was fourteen and beat the shit out of him myself. So nope: It's not always that awesome to have a father. Especially if you're a girl. I'm physically weaker then him, but now he knows what I'm capable of and keeps his hands off me.

  • my father was always around but i don't get along with him that much,and he doesn't get along with me either. the only thing we both like is to ride motorcycles,so since i got my license i've been hanging with him on the road almost every weekend. it's cool

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