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This love is really hurting my heart. I wanna love him, touch him, kiss him, embrace him and say that I love him so much. But it's a forbidden for me to do those acts. I only can come every Sunday , watch him for last row chair. Hear his weird english accent. His hand grip melt my heart away, my heart was beating so fast when he touched my shoulder firmly. But I know that would be forbidden for us to create some love, or actually it's forbidden for me to falling in love with him because he is a Catholic priest. If only I can cut my heart and locked in a treasure chest just like Davy Jones, but I guess I will still have a feeling for him. All I can do is love him silently

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  • Im sorry to hear it. I haven't felt forbidden love, but I know how it feel when love is one sided and its stings. I hope you find a way.. somehow... Has he ever shown some signs in his side?

  • You are very brave.

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