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I honestly don't know what to feel, I feel guilty and not at the same time. Last dec. 31, I went out to buy something, I was standing on the street, and this (beggar) guy in his 20's with a baby, and his family on the street with lots of kids approached me for money, I was shocked and irritated at the same time, first of all he is physically strong and if he wants to,he can be a carpenter or something, (we are in a 3rd world) 2nd the nerve of them to have sex and have lots of child plus the woman is pregnant again! 3rd I feel guilty because maybe if I gave them a little money, they'll have at least a happy new year's eve, but then... handicapped person can do much better than them, so I don't know.

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  • There are literally hundreds of organizations (private, church, and government) that provide emergency housing and job training for homeless people. The only people who don't qualify are junkies that refuse to quit using drugs. I don't feel any pity for the homeless, they all would rather die in the gutter with a needle in their arm than hold a job

  • You have no idea where they're coming from. Stop judging them. What if they had so many kids while they still had a home? What if the kids aren't even really theirs, but strays that have been taken in by a guardian of some sort? You probably don't know how the street works when you're homeless. Of course, none of these things might be the truth, because o don't know those people either. On the other hand, don't feel bad for not giving them some money. What they really need is a permanent solution.

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