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I don't want to marry my fiancé because he's being too pushy about this wedding, he wanted equal role in planning saying it's not just a woman's day but so far I've had no say in anything. We've got lemon cake when I like chocolate, overpriced cars when I asked for a carriage and he's even tried to pick my bouquet. I've talked to him about it and he's said he's just getting his fair share of choice but I feel totally pushed out. Am I right to leave him or is this shallow?

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  • Don't let him make all the decisions, talk to him and tell him it's your wedding too. You are the bride the flowers are yours to pick. If that doesn't work talk to a marriage consular. If that don't work, then break off the plans until he can learn to compermise

  • No offense though, but the first I thought was, he sounds likes gay, because usually... Men does not go into details and stuff, they just ho on with the flow, or put their insights but not totally care about almost everything, like the flavor of the cake.

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