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I just broke up with my girlfriend a few days ago because she has too many problems. They were beginning to take a toll on me. I couldn't sleep, eat, or stop worrying that something bad would happen. I honestly thought that it would take months to move on, but I've started taking interest in another woman. I feel horrible that I was able to move on so quickly, but this new girl.. she's just so beautiful and kind. We have so much in common and I can honestly see us working out. She's funny, smart, and adorable. If I start dating her, though, I'm not sure how my ex will take it.

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  • I have had to end friendships for the same reason. The ex friends would constantly lie about being in dangerous situations and I was always so stressed that it was taking a toll on my physical health. Getting out of those kinds of relationships is sometimes what is needed. And go ahead and date her! It doesn't matter if your ex approves cause she's your ex. I mean if waiting a week or two would make you feel better then do that, but don't let the opportunity pass you by.

  • so your ex is still in your life? Pff great way of dealing with problems . u should have tryed to help your gf not flirt with other or end for good with her not keep her in your life u asshole! i hope this new one will break your heart and leave u when u have your first problem.

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