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My dad calls me a screw up all the time and makes me feel like i never done anything right in my life. I help him all the time but he keeps calling me a screw up. He teaches my old brother in everything and helps them out when they mess up and never calls them anything. But he never teaches me in anything he calls it a waste of time,but I've think I've been teaching myself nicely. I may have not know how to do much but I'll show him i can be better then my brother better then him make him regret all of the he's done.

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  • I can so relate to this. Some guys just suck at being dads.

  • don't waste your time seeking his approval... become who you would like to be in lieu of his validation. your dad for some reason has chosen to make you the family scapegoat... it's not about you personally. obviously he has issues .. but that's not your problem. you heal you. you take care of you.

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