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I am almost 26, and I love a girl ten years younger than me. But one day her elder sister proposed me, and I refused. Now her whole family knows her elder sister likes me, but no one knows that I like her. Time has passed a little and I am away. I felt depressed at first but time heals everything. Now I am good and well. But sometimes, somewhere I feel it. But now, as I'm having a job and settling down, my family wants me to get married. But I am feeling uneasy. Don't know how to go about.

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  • wow, you must be a collosal loser in your age group.. 26 to 16.. pathetic, man. you are a waste of everything

  • someone report the pedophile on aisle 6 plz. gross dude. gross. i hope her family finds out to keep her far away from your predatory all... girls not even mentally developed you perv.

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