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This guy and I work with have been flirting and then this girl starts working and the girl and the guy start dating and now he doesn't even say hi when he sees me I don't want to hate her cause its not her fault but I still feel a little resentment towards her .

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  • Or maybr you are just assuming? Idk. Because if he really liked you from the start he'll make a move and you should be the one dating.

  • Had a friend like that once. We were just friends. When he started dating, he stopped talking to me. 2 years later, they broke up and we started being friends again. Then they got back together and he ignored me again. Then they broke up and he came back and I told him to go fuck himself. I wasn`t into him, but I couldn`t be his friend only when it was convenient to him or when he was allowed by his girlfriend.

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