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Here I am again. Sitting on the last row, watching him for afar. Singing the song about love God, but every time I sing "I love you", those words are for him, the one who standing on the altar, who speak with his weird english accent. I don't know if he also looks at me, but sometimes I can sense he also looking at me or maybe it's just my truly impossible hope. I don't want he knows my feeling, I don't want take further step. Just let me love him silently until this feeling fade away one day. Just let me have dreams about him, kiss, touch, embrace, cuddle him in my dream world, or this is also forbidden. If this feeling is really love then it will kill me softly and slowly. "I love you" I whisper

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  • Well you need to respect his choice. But if you feel it to such extremes then you could tell him and ask for advice. They are there because they want to help people, maybe he could help you too.

  • I can tell that you are really going through bit because I saw your post yesterday. Tell him you like him. Or do confession or something

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