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I did not meant to offend my bf on Christmas day, but I was irritated by his semi joke of wasting money for a giant bear as a gift for me around $20 still way cheaper (converted), I suddenly told him that, do I mind paying all the restaurant bills we had? It was way more expensive than that. I saw him turned pale for a second then I said sorry. But really I also felt offended because that is the only time we gift each other besides bday. We are both 25, he could at least save.

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  • While i think that both partner should pay for stuff and shouldnt be greedy towards the other, what the hell does a 25yo do with a giant bear? Beeing a ((slightly younger) girl myself, i would consider that gift a waste of money and i would be hoping that he will get me something at least remotely usefull next time. So maybe he just didnt understood why he was supposed to get you a bear. Or it was his idea, but then i dont get his "joke".

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