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Boyfriend promised me didn't talk to other girls. I trusted him. He always gets mad at me for even looking at his brother. He reads a lot of my texts and last night just to mess with him, I made him let me look through his phone...I discovered that he was telling girls to text him and giving out his number. When I got upset, he started acting like he was the victim and started using the fact that ive broken up with him three times to justify lying to me. He would say( because were long distance) "why would I waste my time with you when I could have any girl in my town?" Now he lies in bed unwilling to move our talk to me for the last three hours I have with him until I leave. He said I ruined our visit

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  • You both sound terrible! Of course it was harsh what he said, but why wouldn't you let him talk to other girls?? That's totally not normal

  • Is your bf 13 yo or something like that? Leave that asshole and get a real man, you can get better with someone near to you too

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