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Ive been trying for so long to have something of my own creation become popular on the internet. Like all those funny pictures being shared all over Facebook. This turned into me trying to become moderately internet famous. Ive been trying for so long now and not a damn thing has happened. The stuff that i make is good and funny or true and astounding but the pictures never get shared more than 3 times. I dont know what the problem is. Its really fucking frustrating because i see all these people with popular accounts all over the fucking place and im just sitting there with my 5 followers. I performed a little experiment with this. I made a funny picture and reached out to a popular internet user. It took alot of effort to get him to do it but he finally published the picture. It became moderately popular. Ive seen it shared once or twice on different sites including facebook ifunny and 4chan. So this tells me that either im banned from becoming slightly popular by some unknown force or that one picture just so happened to be the only funny picture a have ever made and its all just coincided. Either way im frustrated beyond belief.

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  • You have to advertise a lot. If you aren't willing to then you won't get that many.

  • that's so fucking shallow. get a life you lame ass nerd.

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